Sydney Max at the Red Gym

So I’m starting something new with this post.  In the past I would wait until I was done editing all the photos from a shoot.  And while it was nice to know I had them all done, sometimes it would take a while.  I wouldn’t be able to post as often, and when I did… Continue reading Sydney Max at the Red Gym


So two weeks ago I was thinking about death a lot.  I don’t really know why.  I wasn’t thinking about my death, or any death really, just kind of death was in my head. It started with and episode of COPS.  I don’t remember what it was about but it got me thinking about handcuffs. … Continue reading Death

What you can’t fix, you feature.

I heard that phrase a number of years ago.  They were talking about guys who wore glasses.  Some men think of glasses as a handicap, others as an asset.  In the particular story the gentleman had an eye infection and couldn’t wear his normal contact lenses.  So when he went out that night he wore… Continue reading What you can’t fix, you feature.