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Morgan in Coffee

This is my latest in my food series.   Morgan is a Milwaukee model who I’ve worked with before. One of the best things about this shoot, other than the amazing images, was that my condo smelled like coffee for weeks afterward. One of the reasons I purchased my condo was because of the high… Continue reading Morgan in Coffee


I’ve known Alicia for about five years.  (You can see more of Alicia here) We’ve worked together a number of times and the photos always turn out amazing.  So when she contacted me about doing some pinup type photos I was eager. One of the things we did is shown above.  I have a lofted… Continue reading Alicia


  Since the begining of the year I’ve been trying to do this series of photos with models covered with various foods.  Flour, cocoa, sugar, and others. The problem was, I’d have tons of people interested, but after a few messages they’d disappear, stop responding.  Or maybe some would respond, we’d actually set up a… Continue reading Elena