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When is a “child” not a child and a “teen” not a teen?

A few weeks ago I was reading Injustice Everywhere when they mentioned an article in the West Virginia Gazette-Mail titled Policing the Police.  I recommend the article, but this post isn’t about police misconduct.  What I find more interesting was an article listed on the side of the website that was linked with the headline… Continue reading When is a “child” not a child and a “teen” not a teen?

Why this is wrong.

Author of pedophilia guide to face charges in Florida There are so many things wrong with this situation. 1.  Obviously there is not enough crime in Polk County (or even the state of Florida) if Sheriff Judd has to go half way across the country to arrest and charge this man. 2.  It is entirely… Continue reading Why this is wrong.

More of Rebecca

Some more of Rebecca.  I still have hundreds of pictures to go through, just from the day we shot these.


I first met Casie on Twitter http://twitter.com/casiemoore .  After a few weeks I asked her to pose for me, she came over in mid November.  This is the first set.  I’ll have more later.

New picture of Rebecca

Isn’t this a great picture?  The gold on her body is real gold.  I picked up a package of Gold Leaf at my local art supply store.  We stuck it to her body using cooking spray and paintbrushes.  After the shoot it wiped right off with paper towels.  The Sunflower is from the Dane County… Continue reading New picture of Rebecca

Story in the Isthmus

The story of my experience at the Kastenmeier Courthouse has gone mainstream.  There is an article in this weeks Isthmus, a weekly local paper here in Madison, WI. Much of the story is taken from my blog and an interview I did with reporter Bill Lueders.  However, Lueders was able to talk with Chief Deputy… Continue reading Story in the Isthmus

In response to PixSylated

Syl Arena over at PixSylated posted a blog on where the photography industry is headed.  I started to comment, but then realized my comment was getting long enough to be a post so here it is. I think that some segments of photography will be effected more than others. For example, sports. Currently you have… Continue reading In response to PixSylated

Sydney Max at the Red Gym

So I’m starting something new with this post.  In the past I would wait until I was done editing all the photos from a shoot.  And while it was nice to know I had them all done, sometimes it would take a while.  I wouldn’t be able to post as often, and when I did… Continue reading Sydney Max at the Red Gym

University Nudes

I started a new blog today at http://universitynudes.blogspot.com/ It will be just for those posts that pertain to my new project University Nudes. University Nudes is the title of a project that I started a few months ago. I was looking for a theme to tie together some of my photographs. Something that was interesting… Continue reading University Nudes