Naked on the Capitol steps

I’ve shot nudes outside before.  Some of the first pictures I ever took way back in 2004 were outdoor nudes in the Northwoods.  I’ve done topless shoots on the beaches of Lake Mendota on more than one occasion.  Last year I even shot some full nudes in Elver park right here in Madison.

But I’ve never done any like the shoot a few weeks ago.

I picked her up at 5:30 A.M.  We drove up to the Capital square, parked and walked to the steps.  There were a few homeless guys sleeping on some grates, but not many other people around.  She was only wearing her shoes, socks and a coat.  We walked up the steps, she dropped her coat and I started shooting.


We stopped a few times and she put her coat back on or ducked down when buses or cars would stop at the light.



It started to get busy so then we went out to the UW Arboretum.  My original idea was to have her climb the tree in the image below, but it was too high.


We walked a little along the trail to get further from the road, which was starting to get busier with joggers and bicyclists.  Right along the edge of the woods there was a pair of turkeys.  As we started through the other side of the field a beautiful golden sunlight began to show.



I think this was one of the most productive shoots I’ve done in a very long time.  From the first shot to the last shot wasn’t even a full hour.  And that includes the time it took us to drive from the Capitol to the Arboretum.  As always there’s more pictures below, just click the thumbnail.  And don’t forget to leave comments.

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  1. Stunning images. i especially like the ones in the field where she’s in “dance” poses. The sun streaming through her arms and over her shoulders is really beautiful. Great work, and daring!

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