I need new words to use for surprise, anger and frustration

I need new words and phrases to express surprise, anger, and frustration.  So basically new swear words.  I know that words are just words, and they only mean what we say they mean, but there are certain words I’d rather not use anymore because they don’t reflect who I am.

Really the only reason I use them now is because those were the words that were used when I was learning the language.  They’re words that are common in this area of the country, and people I know.  So here are the words I don’t wish to say any longer, and some common derivatives.

profanityGod (god damn, god damn it)

Damn (god damn, god damn it, damn it)

Jesus Christ (Jesus, Jeeze, Jeebus)

Holy (holy shit, holy hell, holy crap)

Hell (holy hell)

As you may have noticed they’re generally deity based religious words.  Now, I am no friend of religion so please don’t confuse my desire to not say these words with any particular respect for your customs or ancient beliefs.  I don’t want to say them because I don’t want to be associated with them, similar to the way the colonists disassociated from the monarchy.

Part of the problem with not saying these words is that some of them are more socially acceptable where a stronger swear word would not be.

For example, if I were in a group of mixed age people and stubbed my toe I could say “Damn it” and generally get away with it, whereas saying “Fuck” would be considered a poor choice of words.

I’m pretty sure that once I have new words I can replace the old words I use.  I’ve kind of done that with “frak” which is really just a polite way to say “fuck”.  I still say “fuck”, but it’s about 50/50 split with “frak”.

So what I would like from you is some ideas for new words.  It could be something you say, or have heard.  Quite a few of you are from different areas of the country so perhaps it’s something common in your area but I’ve never been exposed to.  Leave a comment with your suggestions.

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