My name is Josh Zytkiewicz.  I live in Madison, WI with my cat, Benton.

Photography has been my main hobby for the last five years now.  I call it a hobby because it’s not my main source of income, though I have made money off of it.  I do it primarily for fun, and to meet new people.  I’ve met a lot of great people through my hobby and have become very close to a few of them.

I like photography because it allows me to be creative, and technical at the same time.  I like how sometimes it’s a puzzle to transfer what I see in my head into the correct settings and light placement to create that in a photograph.  I’ve never been involved in any other form of art so I don’t know if painters or composers and the like feel the same way, but for some reason I doubt it.  If you’re not a photograher you probably can’t understand what it’s like to see something in front of you, take a photo of it, have the photo look completly different, and realize that’s what you were seeing all along.

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