Now I am an artist

So for the last few weeks I’ve been seeing a post on Craigslist about an art show at Cafe Montemarte.  The theme is  7 Deadly Sins.  So first I looked up what the seven sins actually were, and then tried to find some of my photos that illustrated them.  I didn’t think that any of my work would actually be chosen, but it didn’t take me long and it was fun looking through some of my older work.  I submitted five images, and three were chosen.  You can see them below and at the show starting Monday March 23rd.

"Wrath"  Allison in Mike's basement.
“Wrath” Allison in Mike’s basement.
"Greed"  My nephew Leo


"Lust" Tamara on my coffee table
“Lust” Tamara on my coffee table

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