What makes a good teacher?

When I lost my job earlier this year I thought about going back to school to become a teacher.  I don’t have any formal education training, but anytime I did any teaching or training at work I enjoyed it.  And I’ve had a few people comment over the years that I’m pretty good at it.

I like to shoot nudes.  I even have some nude self portraits on my blog.  I don’t want to stop shooting or stop sharing in order to get a job.  And I don’t want to get a job, then be fired because somebody sees my work.  So I’m not pursuing being a teacher.

It doesn’t bother me that a choice of one thing prevents me from choosing another.  There are thousands of decisions that I make that are that way.  As an example, I purchased my Condo last year.  While it does offer tax advantages and the ability to remodel how I like, I am prevented from moving as easily as someone who lives in an apartment.

What bothers me is that the Church Ladies think that nudity  has to do with teaching ability.  That people are being prevented from pursuing or performing a much needed job that they are otherwise qualified for.  As much as 1/3rd of our current teachers could retire in the next 4 years, and our society is putting up artificial barriers.

And what about the people who do follow the Church Lady rules?  Are they really the types of people we want as teachers?  Just like in my experience people who pose nude share the traits of confidence, intelligence, creativity and a willingness to try new things.  What characteristics do the teachers who are willing to follow the demands of the Church Ladies show?

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