So two weeks ago I was thinking about death a lot.  I don’t really know why.  I wasn’t thinking about my death, or any death really, just kind of death was in my head.

It started with and episode of COPS.  I don’t remember what it was about but it got me thinking about handcuffs.  So I got the pair I have out of my prop bin, and just started playing with them while I watched the rest of the episode.  If I could go off topic for a moment the cuffs I have are not “official”, but they are heavy duty stainless steel, double locking, with a key that’s remarkably similar to a real key.

Now the handcuffs got me thinking about serial killers. Somebody tied up, blood, knives, nakedness.  I think it’d be something fun to photograph.  I don’t have anything specific, concrete planned, but you may be seeing some pictures in the future.

Then I went to bed, next day I needed to go out.  I still had the same general feeling as the previous night.  It was nice outside so I thought I would head downtown, no particular destination in mind.  On the way I passed Forest Hill Cemetery.  I decided to go in.

I’ve been to Forest Hill before.  It’s a very interesting place, with a lot of history.  There’s even an Effigy Mound, so this particular piece of land has been used as a burial ground for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

So to recap —>COPS–>handcuffs–>serial killers–>cemetery.  I’ve had an idea for a while to do some back lighting of these particular tombstones.  These markers are in the part of the cemetery reserved for veterans, most of them served in WWII but I did see a few from earlier wars as well.  The back lighting idea really didn’t work this time but the image below did.


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