Liz and Mike

Liz and Mike contacted me through Craigslist about wanting some pictures.  They were looking for something intimate and romantic, and had never posed before.  We started out in one of the balconies overlooking the Capitol Rotunda.

Liz_Mike_DSC9871 Liz_Mike_DSC9871bw Then we moved into one of the upper floor hallways near the elevator

Liz_Mike_DSC9940Liz_Mike_DSC9940bw Liz_Mike_DSC9945Liz_Mike_DSC9945bw

Then I changed the lighting so that they were backlit.  These almost silhouettes really capture the feelings they share.

  Liz_Mike_DSC9951 Liz_Mike_DSC9951bwLiz_Mike_DSC9960 Liz_Mike_DSC9960bw Liz_Mike_DSC9963 Liz_Mike_DSC9963bw The Capitol was closing as we shot these last few so we headed to Edgewood Drive.  Edgewood Drive follows the shore of Lake Wingra from Vilas Park to the opposite side of Edgewood College.  Though I’ve been to the area many times (I drove through Vilas Park daily when I worked on Part Street) I had never explored this path.  It’s definitely a place I’ll be returning to.  If for no other reason than pictures like the ones below.

Liz_Mike_DSC0049 Liz_Mike_DSC0049bwIn the spirit of full disclosure, we did cheat a little.  The leaves weren’t actually falling, Liz and Mike through them in the air, then quickly embraced.

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